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An Island with a treasure trove of history – The best places to visit in Diu

Discover Diu, a gem of an island located on India’s western coast known for its pristine beaches and rich heritage. Celebrate the diverse heritage of Diu with Diu Heritage Walks, as we begin our journey from ancient maritime trading port, bustling old town to the colonial Portuguese heritage and its evolution post liberation. Explore the best places in Diu during these immersive walking tours as we seamlessly unfold the dramatic history of Diu through captivating stories of this legendary island.

Explore the top attractions of Diu with Make it Happen

Types of Tours We Offer

Walking tour of Diu Fort

Considered to be one of 7 Portuguese-origin wonders of the world, the Diu Fort is a magnificent structure that houses rousing stories of the former colonial Portuguese empire in India. 

Diu Old Town Walk

Discover a centuries-old locale in the former Portuguese territory of Diu with a heritage trail through its residential buildings locally known as ‘Havelis’.

Portuguese Heritage Trail of Diu

Discover a pretty hamlet formerly inhabited by the Portuguese community in Diu. With residents that ranged from colonial Viceroys and Fidalgos, to Indians who converted to Christianity.

Why Choose Diu Heritage Walks by Make It Happen

Diu Heritage Walks by Make It Happen is a holistic tourism offering that not only helps you explore the best places in Diu but also helps you discover the destination through immersive storytelling and fascinating perspectives provided during each of the heritage walks. Diu Heritage Walks are superbly affordable and offer very high value for discerning travellers keen on spending quality time in Diu.


  1. What are some of the offbeat / less explored places to visit in Diu?
    • Beyond the beaches Diu is home to archeological and architectural marvels that are best explored by booking Diu Heritage Walks. 
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  2. What are some of the unique local experiences in Diu and how does one enquire / book them ?
    • Yes, you can visit the INS Khukri Memorial plaza, the warship museum book Diu Heritage Walks
    • You can call / whatsapp us at +917862844969 or write to us at to know more.
  3. How can I travel sustainably in Diu?
    • Use public transportation to commute within the town, rent bicycles or scooters, and support eco-friendly accommodations and restaurants.
  4. What is the best way to explore places around Diu?
    • Consider booking Diu Heritage Walks led by expert Storytellers to truly understand the culture, history and in the process also get to know of places to explore by yourself.
    • You can call / whatsapp us at +917862844969 or write to us at to know more
  5. Are there any nature trails or hiking spots in Diu?
    • Yes, you can explore the Fudam Bird Sanctuary in Diu.
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  6. Can I experience / attend local festivals in Diu?
    • Absolutely! Plan your visit around festivals like Holi, Janmashtami, Dussera, Diwali and Christmas to experience the traditions and festivities that are unique to Diu.
  7. What are some recommended local dishes one should try?
    • Try traditional Kathiawadi thali, Khamans, Fish cutlets and Fried Fish in Ghoghla and Fort Road
  8. How can I connect with the local culture in Diu?
    • Book a heritage walk, attend cultural events, visit local markets, and interact with residents to learn about their way of life.
    • You can call / whatsapp us at +917862844969 or write to us at to know more.
  9. Is it safe to travel alone in Diu?
    • Diu is generally safe for solo travellers, but the best practice would be to stay cautious and avoid isolated areas at night.
  10. What are some good ways to support local communities in Diu ?
    • Shop at local markets, dine at family-run restaurants, and participate in community-led tourism activities.
    • You can call / whatsapp us at +917862844969 or write to us at to know more.