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Theres more to it than meets the eye – Best tours in North Goa

The thought of exploring North Goa often brings up images of the state’s sandy beaches and the exotic nightlife. However, there is more to North Goa in the realm of community led local experiences. Discover with Make It Happen, the enchanting beauty and vibrant culture of North Goa through our specially designed North Goa tours which focus on sustainable and immersive experiences highlighting Goa’s rich cultural heritage and natural beauty.

Discover the top attractions of North Goa with Make it Happen

Types of tours we offer

Culture and Heritage

Deep dive into the historic landscapes and the stories of Indian kingdoms and the colonial Portuguese empire to wrestle for control of Goa. Our heritage walks offer a close look at the architectural marvels, cuisine, art forms and unravel the essence of Goa’s culture.

Night Walks

Experience the vibrant and elegant evening ambiance in our Night walks which offer an enchanting perspective on Goa’s historic landmarks under the starlit sky.

Village Tours

Discover the old world charm and splendid Goan way of life with our Village Saunters. These strolls through the quaint villages of North Goa offer insights into the village’s history, lifestyle in the lush countryside, and the architecture of grand Goan homes.

Why choose Make it Happen North Goa experiences

Choose Make It Happen for immersive experiences led by knowledgeable storytellers, to help discover the best of North Goa from our curated recommendations that are not just affordable but are also designed to save your valuable time in crafting that perfect itinerary in limited time.


  1. What are some of the offbeat / less explored places to visit in North Goa?
    • Beyond the beaches Goa is home to beautiful backwaters that are best explored using Kayaks. Do not miss museums like All About Alcohol, Museum of Goa, Aguad Digital Museum and MOCA.
    • Book immersive experiences in Divar Island, Village Saunters, Farm experience, and Food trails led by experts.
    • You can call / whatsapp us at +919764972646 or write to us at to know more
  2. What are some of the unique local experiences in North Goa and how does one enquire / book them ?
    • Yes, you can enjoy culinary workshops that help you learn about the traditional Goan cuisine, village experiences, farm experiences, pottery workshops, Sip and Paint, Community shared table meals, upcycling experiences focused on sustainability and many more.
    • You can call / whatsapp us at +919764972646 or write to us at to know more.
  3. How can I travel sustainably in North Goa?
    • Use public transportation to commute between cities, rent bicycles or electric scooters, and support eco-friendly accommodations and restaurants.
  4. What is the best way to explore Goan villages?
    • Consider booking guided village walks led by expert Storytellers to truly understand the culture, history and Goan way of life.
  5. Are there any nature trails or hiking spots in North Goa?
    • Yes, we highly recommend booking nature trails with naturalists who can guide you with expertise about Goa’s rich biodiversity in a safe and sustainable manner.
    • You can call / whatsapp us at +919764972646 or write to us at to know more
  6. Can I experience / attend local festivals in North Goa?
    • Absolutely! Plan your visit around festivals like Carnival, Shigmo, Sao Joao, Bonderam Harvest Festival, Ganesh Chaturthi, Diwali Narkasur parade and Christmas to experience the traditions and festivities that are unique to Goa.
  7. What are some recommended local dishes one should try?
    • Try traditional Goan dishes like Xacuti, Prawn Balchão, Cafreal, Caldin, Vindaloo, Seasonal SeaFood preparations and traditional Goan desserts at restaurants like Mum’s Kitchen, Black Sheep Bistro, Padaria Prazeres, The Goan Room, Kokni Kanteen, Bhatti Village and Kokum Curry.
  8. How can I connect with the local culture in North Goa?
    • Book a heritage walk, attend cultural events, visit local markets, and interact with residents to learn about their way of life.
    • You can call / whatsapp us at +919764972646 or write to us at to know more
  9. Is it safe to travel alone in North Goa?
    • North Goa is generally safe for solo travellers, but the best practice would be to stay cautious and avoid isolated areas at night.
  10. What are some good ways to support local communities in North Goa?
    • Shop at local markets, dine at family-run restaurants, and participate in community-led tourism activities.
    • You can call / whatsapp us at +919764972646 or write to us at to know more.