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Experience the Nilgiris

Explore the mystical Nilgiris with Make It Happen, and discover the ancient Toda and Kurumba tribes who have for centuries made the region their home. Immerse yourself in their culture, rituals and art which will transport you to another world far away from life in the city.


• Marvel at the traditional pastoral lifestyle, unique dialect and customs of the Todas.

• Discover distinct facets of Toda village life – from their half-barrel shaped huts, to their lacto-vegetarianism and fraternal polyandry.

• Trek deep into the forest to arrive at the tiny Kurumba hamlets. 

• Witness the minimalist Kurumba lifestyle and symbiotic relationship with nature – from their art of making medicines from the forest, to their traditional painting form using natural colors.

• Interact with the last surviving artist who specializes in unique Kurumba paintings, a skill passed down to him from his forefathers.

• Experience the art of making medicines out of forest resources with a Kurumba family.

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