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We take you to the Niligiris to experience its various moods, explore its little nooks and cronies, its lakes, meet its indigenous people and get a glimpse of its history buried inside its forest.

Starting Point :

Duration : 3 days

Type : Exploration

Ideal Season :

Cost :

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A 3 day trip to the less explored Nilgiris

The Nilgiris, its various moods, its little known nooks and crannies, its lakes, its Indigenous people, glimpses of pre-history buried deep inside its forests have always fascinated us.

Travel to Karikiyoor, through some of the most picturesque routes in the Nilgiris, with breathtaking views of the Bhawani reservoir laid out at the base of the Nilgiris. .

Trek to a spot deep inside the forests to one of the oldest recorded sites where ancient people lived, and their art work. .

We take a tour of the grand lakes in the Nilgiris, surrounded by high mountains and forests – shoal, pine and Nilgiri grasslands. Wildlife abounds and sighting is common during sunrise and sunset.

– Meet the Irula tribe

– Trek in the with the Irulas to 10000 year old rock paintings inside Sathyamangalam forest.

– Visit Avalanche, Pykara, Parsons valley, Porthimund Lakes.
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Day 1: Bangalore to Coonoor
Start early so you can reach Bandipur by 7 AM or so.From Bandipur, cross Mudumalai and take the left turn towards Masangudi, and Kalhatty Ghat.

On the way up, you can stop at a quaint tea stall by the side of the road which sells Nilgiri tea in different flavours.

Proceed to Pykara lake. From Pykara lake, one can visit the Kalhatty falls. This is about 13 km from Ooty, on the Ooty to Mysore Road or Sigur Ghat Road. From the Kalhatti village one has to continue for 2 miles to reach the falls and the falls is connected in the same Kalhatti village road., you need to proceed towards Stanley Park, Coonoor.

Day 2: Drive to Porivarai
Drive to Porivarai, the rock shelter that bears the testimony of the people who settled there 10000 years ago. You set off after an early breakfast, and proceed towards Sholur Mattam and beyond to a little known Irula village called Karikayur. The Irulas guide us to the rock painting site, and after wards enjoy a lunch with the Irulas, and head back to our stay.

Day 3: Explore some of the lakes in Nilgiris
Spend this day exploring some of the lakes of the Nilgiris – Avalanche, Pykara, Parsons valley, Porthimund etc. You start early, and finish off visiting the lakes by 12. Then head back to the resort, have a quick lunch, and set off for Bangalore by 3 PM.

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