We take you to meet indigenous people of the land to partake in their customs and traditions. Meeting people who have a very distinct culture helps you realize your own biases and dissipate cultural differences.

Banvasi Rural Experience

A trip to Banavasi wich is the oldest town in the Karnataka state Banavasi. Existing since 4000 BC, the period of Mahabharata, Banavasi was known as ‘Vanavasaka’.It once was the capital of the Kadamba rulers, an ancient royal dynasty of Karnataka.

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Expressions of Bihar

Come with us on a journey to experience the ancient art of Madhubani, heritage weaves of Bhagalpur and sacred religious centre of Gaya. Experience Bihar in a never seen before way.

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Hidden Treasures of Ladakh

Join our tour of Hidden Treasures of Ladakh which is a perfect blend of nature, heritage, cuisine, art, culture and innovative lifestyle.

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Ladakh Heritage Trail

Partake in Ladakhi traditions, enjoy authentic local cuisine and meditate in the mystic mountains while you experience our Ladakh Heritage Trail.

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Ladakh Local Lifestyle

Experience the Local Life in the remote village Urbis, which is hardly explored by tourists as it is really hidden and far from the nearest motorable road.

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Ladakh Sham Valley Trek

Sham Valley trek is a mild trek convenient for easy hiker groups and it appeals to a lot of people who look forward to sight-seeing.

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Ladakh Tibetan Buddhism Experience

Understand the world of Mahayana Buddhism practiced in the steely cold desserts of Ladakh

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Mystical Nilgiris

Witness the mystical Nilgiris visiting the Toda and Kurumba villages. Get immersed in their culture, rituals and art which will transport you to another world far away from life in the city.

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Nagaland Hornbill Festival.

The Hornbill Festival in Nagaland offers you the perfect chance to explore the beauty of North-East India.

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Trek to the Kurumba land

Trek to the Kurumba land to experience a tribal lifestyle that epitomizes the closeness with nature and the art of minimalism.

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