Heritage Trails of Ladakh

Our Leh Ladakh Tour is a specially curated memorable sojourn for every traveler. Blessed with the sheer beauty of the radiant mountains and the zealous valleys, Ladakh has been alluring travelers from far and wide. Ladakh is special among the trekking and hiking community too. Ladakh has a challenging and unique topography. Hence, it has been one of the favored destinations for thrilling activities. Ladakh serves as an ideal vacation for not only the adventure travelers but also the slow explorers seeking immersive experiences.

In contrast with the harsh surroundings, the Ladakhi people are warm and kind folks. Socio-religious festivals, including the annual festivals held in the monasteries, provide the excuse for convivial gatherings. The people of Ladakh, particularly the Buddhists, believe implicitly in the influence of gods and spirits on the material world. The unique blend of heritage, culture, harsh geography and climate transports you into a mystical world.

Hidden Treasures of Ladakh

Join our tour of Hidden Treasures of Ladakh which is a perfect blend of nature, heritage, cuisine, art, culture and innovative lifestyle.

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Ladakh Heritage Trail

Partake in Ladakhi traditions, enjoy authentic local cuisine and meditate in the mystic mountains while you experience our Ladakh Heritage Trail.

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Ladakh Local Lifestyle

Experience the Local Life in the remote village Urbis, which is hardly explored by tourists as it is really hidden and far from the nearest motorable road.

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Ladakh Sham Valley Trek

Sham Valley trek is a mild trek convenient for easy hiker groups and it appeals to a lot of people who look forward to sight-seeing.

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Ladakh Tibetan Buddhism Experience

Understand the world of Mahayana Buddhism practiced in the steely cold desserts of Ladakh

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