We bring to you unheard of destinations and the familiar ones with a twist in the tale.
We have some splendid ideas for drive-in holidays, weekend getaways, and long vacations.
We will take you beyond the beaten tourist paths to meet extraordinary people who share their culture and take you to exclusive places to experience a ‘different way of life’.
Tell us about your perfect holiday destination and we shall Make It Happen in the most memorable way.

Banvasi Rural Experience

A trip to Banavasi wich is the oldest town in the Karnataka state Banavasi. Existing since 4000 BC, the period of Mahabharata, Banavasi was known as ‘Vanavasaka’.It once was the capital of the Kadamba rulers, an ancient royal dynasty of Karnataka.

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Bylakuppe: Reboot to Rethink

Experience the earliest Tibetan settlement of Karnataka as you witness unique traditional practices that influence Buddhist philosophies. It is also home to one of the major monastic institutions.

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Expressions of Bihar

Come with us on a journey to experience the ancient art of Madhubani, heritage weaves of Bhagalpur and sacred religious centre of Gaya. Experience Bihar in a never seen before way.

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Rajasthan means land of valour and royalty. This tour gives you a glimpse of such an experience. A visit to it forts, places and quaint villages add charm to these royal stays. Starting Point: Jaipur

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Hidden Treasures of Ladakh

Join our tour of Hidden Treasures of Ladakh which is a perfect blend of nature, heritage, cuisine, art, culture and innovative lifestyle.

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Indus Valley Civilization

The Indus valley civilization is comparable to other ancient civilizations of the world in Mesopotamia (Iraq) and Egypt. Explore Gujarat’s Great White Rann and the Kutch district on our carefully designed tour.

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Kinnaur Road Trip

Kinnaur Valley in Himachal Pradesh has a spectacular terrain of lush green valley, orchards, vineyards, snow clad peaks and cold desert mountains.

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Ladakh Heritage Trail

Partake in Ladakhi traditions, enjoy authentic local cuisine and meditate in the mystic mountains while you experience our Ladakh Heritage Trail.

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Ladakh Local Lifestyle

Experience the Local Life in the remote village Urbis, which is hardly explored by tourists as it is really hidden and far from the nearest motorable road.

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Ladakh Sham Valley Trek

Sham Valley trek is a mild trek convenient for easy hiker groups and it appeals to a lot of people who look forward to sight-seeing.

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Ladakh Tibetan Buddhism Experience

Understand the world of Mahayana Buddhism practiced in the steely cold desserts of Ladakh

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Lahaul Spiti – Moonscape Drive

This road trip will take you on a breathtaking journey to some unfamiliar yet gorgeous terrains at the foothills of the Himalayas – lush mountains of Kinnaur Valley, the rugged moonscape of Spiti, spectacular Peaks and Valley, and stunning deep blue lake of Chandratal.

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