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Nagaland Hornbill

[trx_column_item align=”left”]The Hornbill Festival in Nagaland offers you the perfect chance to explore the myriad beauty of North-East India through the magical colours of the local art culture, food, dance and music.

Dates : 6th – 13th Dec

Starting from: Dimapur

Type: Tribal Culture, Festival

Cost Starting from : INR 37000 ( Group of 6 )

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Experience the grandeur of the Hornbill Festival

Make It Happen gives you a chance to expand your cultural horizons one expe-rience at a time. We are excited to incorporate the famous Nagaland Hornbill festival into our travels through this jewel of the north east. One thing you will notice is that the performing arts is an integral part of the overall culture and during the Hornbill festival all the different tribes unite to share with each other and to the rest of the world their special interpretation of life.


• Visit Kisama Hertiage Village which to witness the ensembles of various
tribes in Nagaland
• Attend the Rock concert at the Hornbill Festival
• Visit Kigwema, a neighboring village in Kohima District to experience the
Local Naga life
• Stay at Khonoma village that houses natures prestine beauty and
the Khonoma Nature Conservation Tragopan Sanctuary (KNCTS)

The diversity of Nagaland gives us a chance to delve into aspects of the 16 main tribes and many sub-tribes, all naturally having it’s own unique tradition and customs.Each tribal community wears their own colourful garments which are alone worth visiting the Hornbill Festival for. The week long festival is named after the hornbill, the bird that features in local tribal folklore.

Some of the traditional arts you will be exposed to include paintings, wood carvings, and sculptures and festival highlights include the traditional Naga ”Morungs” exhibition, sale of arts and crafts, food stalls, herbal medicine stalls, flower shows, singing, dancing, fashion and beauty shows, crafts, sports, food fairs, religious ceremonies, indigenous games such as archery and Naga wrestling.


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6th Dec : Arrive in Nagaland and get settled in
Arrive at the airport and drive to Kohima. Check in at Kohima. Later take a short guided tour of Mima village and meet one of the village elders of the Angami Tribe; learn about the history of the Village, listen to folk tales and take part in cultural and traditional sports activities.

7th Dec: Get acquainted with the Hornbill Festival
Spend the day at Kisama Village where the Festival takes place. Visit the ‘morungs’ of each of the tribes, where one can study their architecture, dress, food and drink. A morung is a dormitory where unmarried boys of the village are required to stay together, and where the elders of the village teach them the lessons of life. The Hornbill Festival has a central area where there are traditional songs and dances performed by each tribe. It also has a central shopping area where you can see and buy traditional arts and crafts made by people from all over the state. There is also a Naga Chef competition each year, where the top four finalists are given a stall each where they run a kitchen for guests to sample and rate their food; the winner of the competition is decided based on the billings and ratings at each stall over the days of the festival.

8th Dec: Experience authentic village life in Khonoma
Visit the Khonoma Village where we will spend the night. Khonoma is a Angami Tribe warrior village that is known for its battles with the English and for its leading role in the Naga freedom struggle. In recent years Khonoma has become famous for its community based conservation projects and eco friendly tourism initiatives.
Overnight in Khonoma.

9th Dec: Explore Kohima Town
Drive to Kohima town and visit the Cathedral and World War II Cemetery. Followed by Kigwema Village tour. Visit the night bazar
Overnight in Kohima

10th Dec: Attend the closing ceremony of the Hornbill Festival
Today we plan to enjoy the last day of the Hornbill Festival.

11th Dec: Trek to Dzukou Valley
Trek to the Dzukou Valley, a charming valley known for its summer flowers and wild herbs which sprout along the stream banks.

12th Dec: Day at Leisure
Day at Leisure.

13th Dec: Return to Dimapur
Depart for Dimapur Airport for your departure.



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