Fixed Departures

[vc_column width=”1/1″][trx_oblique animation=”fadeInUp” bg_image=”” title_1=”” title_2=”Goa Bonderam Festival” description=”A guided tour around Divar Island which celebrates the Bonderam flag festival that occurs like a carnival to mock the Portuguese rulers. It is celebrated with pomp and joy.” info=”9th Sept 2017″ link=”” position=”right”]

[trx_oblique animation=”fadeInUp” bg_image=”” title_1=”” title_2=”Sketch your imprint of Bengaluru City” description=”A sketch crawl at the buzzing bylanes of MG Road, eternalizing the architectural beauty.” info=”25th March 2017″ link= “”]

[trx_oblique animation=”fadeInUp” bg_image=”” title_1=”” title_2=”Gujarat Indus Valley Tour” description=”Our trip to Gujarat covers all the major sites of the Mohenjodaro civilisation in a 9 day tour; and along the way we also take a peek into other aspects of Gujarat.” info=”25th Mar – 2nd April 2017″ link=”” position=”right”]

[trx_oblique animation=”fadeInUp” bg_image=”” title_1=”” title_2=”Nagaland Hornbill” description=”If you love to explore new places, the world famous Hornbill Festival in Nagaland is the perfect chance.” info=”6th – 13th Dec 2017″ link=””]


[trx_oblique animation=”fadeInUp” bg_image=”” title_1=”” title_2=”Expressions of Bihar” description=”Come with us on a journey to experience the ancient art of Madhubani, heritage weaves of Bhagalpur and sacred religious centre of Gaya. Experience Bihar in a never seen before way.” info=”24th Feb – 2nd Mar 2017″ link=”” position=”right”]

[trx_oblique animation=”fadeInUp” bg_image=”” title_1=”” title_2=”Lahaul Spiti Road Trip” description=”Our Road Trip takes you on a mystical journey through the foothills of the Himalayas driving through gorgeous yet deadliest terrains.” info=”14th – 23rd Aug 2016″ link=”” position=”right”]

[trx_oblique animation=”fadeInUp” bg_image=”” title_1=”” title_2=”Ladakh Sham Velley trek” description=”The beauty of this trek is that it takes us through many small apricot orchard villages where we can interact with the locals and share in their customs.” info=”18th – 23rd Sept 2016″ link=””]

[trx_oblique animation=”fadeInUp” bg_image=”” title_1=”” title_2=”Kinnaur Road Trip” description=”Kinnaur has a spectacular terrain of lush green valley, orchards, vineyards, snow clad peaks and cold desert mountains. ” info=”17th – 24th Cost 2016″ link=”” position=”right”]