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Explore the lush Nilgiris – hills and beyond!

Unravel the mysticism of the Blue mountains and experience the unique culture of the indigenous folk of the Nilgiris with Make It Happen. Dotted with Tea estates, the serene mountain towns and hamlets take you back in time

Types of tours we offer

Explore Toda Villages

Visit beautiful Toda Villages nestled in the meadows and get introduced to the distinct culture and lifestyle of the Toda community.

Kurumba Art Experience

Learn the unique Kurumba art from the last surviving generation of the Kurumba community that are reminiscent of their traditional occupations and minimalistic lifestyle.

Ooty Heritage Trail

Discover Ooty’s iconic landmarks, from charming colonial structures and churches to botanical gardens in our immersive heritage trail

Why choose Make it Happen to explore Nilgiris

Explore Nilgiris with Make It Happen sustainably and discover the ancient Toda and Kurumba tribes who have for centuries made the region their home. Immerse yourself in their culture, rituals and art which will transport you to another world. Our experiences are value for money and aim to create a sustainable local economy for the locals.


  1. What are some of the offbeat / less explored places to visit in Nilgiris?
    • Beyond the tea gardens, sightseeing spots and waterfalls, Nilgiris are  home to beautiful hamlets and indigenous folk that are best explored by knowledgeable Storytellers. Do not miss museums and memorials like John Sullivan memorial, Tribal Museum, Tea Museum and the Toy Train ride.
    • Book immersive experiences like heritage trails, walking tours and village trails with Make It Happen
    • You can call / whatsapp us at +919764972646 or write to us at to know more
  2. What are some of the unique local experiences in Nigiris and how does one enquire / book them ?
    • Yes, you can enjoy culinary workshops that help you learn about the traditional Nilgiris cuisine, village experiences with the indigenous communities and Nilgiri rail heritage trails.
    • You can call / whatsapp us at +919764972646 or write to us at to know more.
  3. How can I travel sustainably in Nilgiris?
    • Use public transportation to commute between towns, use rickshaws and cabs to travel to remote places, and support eco-friendly accommodations and restaurants.
  4. What is the best way to explore villages in Nilgiris?
    • Consider booking guided village walks led by expert Storytellers to truly understand the culture, history, cuisine and lifestyle of Nilgiris.
    • You can call / whatsapp us at +919764972646 or write to us at to know more
  5. Are there any nature trails or hiking spots in Nilgiris?
    • Yes, we highly recommend booking nature trails with naturalists who can guide you with expertise about Nilgiris rich biodiversity in a safe and sustainable manner.
    • You can call / whatsapp us at +919764972646 or write to us at to know more
  6. Can I experience / attend local festivals in Diu?
    • Absolutely! Plan your visit around festivals like Pongal, folk festivals, and Christmas to experience the traditions and festivities that are unique to Nilgiris.
  7. What are some recommended local dishes one should try?
    • The traditional porridge, vegetable preparations and the milk products are truly something you should try.
    • You can call / whatsapp us at +919764972646 or write to us at to know more.
  8. How can I connect with the local culture in Nilgiris?
    • Book heritage trails, village trails, attend cultural events, visit local markets, and interact with residents to learn about their way of life.
    • You can call / whatsapp us at +919764972646 or write to us at to know more
  9. Is it safe to travel alone in Nilgiris?
    • Nilgiris is generally safe for solo travellers, but the best practice would be to stay cautious and avoid isolated areas at night.
  10. What are some good ways to support local communities in Nilgiris?
    • Shop at local markets, dine at family-run restaurants, and participate in community-led tourism activities.
    • You can call / whatsapp us at +919764972646 or write to us at to know more.

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