Tamil Nadu

This tour has been specifically designed to give a special insight into the culture, life style and the cuisine which is very unique to this region.
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A culinary journey of the quintessential South India.

Historically, Tamil cuisine has travelled to many parts of the world. Traces were found by archaeologists that Tamil cuisines were supplied to ancient Rome. It travelled to Greece, Middle East, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand via traders.

Eating-out in Chennai, is a great experience and provides a glimpse of the unique lifestyle of the city.

Mahabalipuram is an ancient historic town and was a bustling sea-port during the time of Periplus and Ptolemy.The French and the Indo style have given birth to an innovative taste that is simply marvellous. The influence of the neighbouring areas like Tamilnadu, Andhra Pradesh and Kerala is also visible.

The vegetarian dishes of Thanjavur comprises of Thavala Adai, which with rasam imparts a heavenly taste and is an important cuisine of Thanjavur. Among the non-vegetarian dishes, the sea foods of crab and lobsters are very common.
Chettinad cuisine is famous for its use of a variety of spices used in preparing mainly non-vegetarian food. The dishes are hot and pungent with fresh ground masalas, and topped with a boiled egg that is usually considered essential part of a meal.

The food of Madurai is well quoted as “Manadirkku idhamana sappadu”. The cuisine of Madurai inherits the true taste of Tamils

Kerala has a multitude of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes using fish, poultry and meat. Coconut kernel, coconut cream and coconut milk are widely used in dishes for thickening and flavouring. Kerala”s long coastline, numerous rivers and backwater networks, and strong fishing industry have contributed to many sea and river food based dishes.

Savour the delicacies across the Eastern Coast of India.
Stroll around the bustling city of Chennai exploring it?s culture and cuising.
Travel to the historic town of Mahabalipuram which was once a bustlign sea port/
Experience the Indo French influence in Pomdicherry which has given birth to a innovative and marvellous cuisine.
Savour the famous Chettinad cuisine and appriciate the Unique Achitecture in Karakudi.
Get a taste if true Tamilian food in Madurai.
Get pampered in Kerela and relish the sea food delicacies prepared in authenic Kerela Style.


Day 1: Chennai
The trip starts from Chennai; this day is spent savouring the unique specialised food at different Chennai restaurants. Night spent in Chennai.

Day 2: Chennai – Mahabalipuram – Pondicherry
Start in the morning after a sumptuous breafast and reach Mahabalipuram. After spedning some time exploring this historic town, proceed to reach Pondicherry by afternoon. After checking in at a hotel, have a typical coastal Indo-French dinner at one of the restaurants here.

Day 3: Pondicherry
Day spent at Pondicherry – take a walking tour, savouring different delicacies in this quaint city. Visit Auroville for the distinct cuisine you find there, and tie off the day with another grand dinner.

Day 4: Pondicherry – Thanjavur
Proceed to Thanjavur after breakfast, and reach by mid-day. Lunch at one of the famous restaurants, followed by time in the city with unique experiences for evening tea and dinner awaiting you.

Day 5: Thanjavur – Karakudi
Proceed to Karakudi, and spend day and night at Karaikudi. This is a day of a literally food orgy, visiting the myriad Chetttinad restaurants in the city, tasting their food, and in between taking some time off to appreciate the unique architecture that this city offers.

Day 6: Karakudi – Madurai
Drive to Madurai for our taste of the quintessential Tamizh food, both vegetarian and non-vegetarian. Put in a visit to the celebrated Meenakshi temple and other places if time permits.

Day 7: Madurai – Kanchipuram
Reach Kanchipuram. The day is spent here. This is a day we take a tad easy on the stomach, and go light on the food.

Day 8: Madurai – Kanchipuram
The drive to Kumarakom is a long one. Take time out on the way by stopping at Arcot / Ambur and partaking the celebrated biryani that these places offer. Thankfully, the roads are in excellent condition, at least within TN, and this part of the trip goes down well. Reach Coimbatore by evening and stop there. The cuisine of Erode district is no mean one, and you will get to tease your palate delving into it.

Day 9: Coimbatore – Kumarakom
Reach Kumarakom, and put up at our hotel. The rest of the day is spent in checking out different unique food options available in Kumarakom. We spend the night there.

Day 10: Kumarakom – Kochi, the end point
We leave in the morning for Cochin. There, we celebrate the end of this unique trip with a sumptuous lunch, and we go our own ways.