Hampi – Travel to the Past

A World Heritage Site, Hampi is a place where you can lose yourself among the ruins, or simply be mesmerised by a fascinating landscape

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Duration : 2 night/3 days

Type : History, Archaeology

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Hampi – Travel to Past

Hampi is a village situated on the southern bank of the Tungabhadra River in Hospettaluka of Bellary District in Karnataka. It was the capital of the Vijayanagara Empire whose hold spanned the two coasts of peninsular India and reached from the north of the Deccan to the southern regions of Tamilnadu during the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries. Today the ruins of this empire remain in poignant eloquence.

Hampi is famous for its ruins belonging to the erstwhile medieval Hindu kingdom of Vijayanagara and is declared a World Heritage site. The temples of Hampi, its monolithic sculptures and monuments, attract the traveler because of their excellent workmanship. The Hindu style of architecture found at Hampi reflects the splendor of the Vijayanagara Empire. The rugged landscape adds to the historic ambience of this site.

Anegundi or Anegondi actually means Elephant Gorge (Ane = elephant; Gundi = Gorge). The depth of the river in this area is of the height of an elephant, making it a convenient location to bathe elephants. Gundi also means ”group” since a stable was located here one could see elephant herds and hence the name Anegundi. Anegundi is the cradle city of Vijayanagara.

The Local organisation works intensively on the capacity building of the locals, the villagers, across multidisciplinary fields of creative and cultural industries- architectural conservation, heritage restoration, crafts and design, management and hospitality, so that their lives are nurtured, enriched and empowered by their own culture and identities. In this process of reaffirming ties between tradition, everyday commerce and the quality of life, they shall share their fruits of labor with the visitors in the celebration called ”LIFE”.

Visit the Virupaksha Temple and other ruins.
Coracle ride on river Tungbhadra.
Visit to Anegundi and banana fibre project.
Local food.
Stay at local homes conserved homes.


Day 1:

10pm: Start from Bangalore by Hampi express.

7:10 AM: Arrive at Hospet.Travel to Anegundi 1 hr drive. Checkin at a typical local home .. breakfast and rest.

11:00 AM: We will be interacting with an organisation which is working with grassroots communities developing integrated systems for sustainable livelihoods, architectural conservation, crafts, and education through performing arts, etc. Stay will be at houses which have been conserved .Eat local and authentic food. Walk through the village and rice fields. Enjoy a coracle ride across the River. Overnight in Anegundi.

8:30 PM: Dinner and retire for the day.

Day 2:

9:00 AM: Travel to Hampi

10:00Hrs: Full day visit Hampi sites and evening view the sunset.

8:30 PM: Dinner and retire for the day.

Day 3:

9:00 AM: Visit the Hampi Bazaar and rest of the ruins. By evening transfer to Hospet for an overnight train to Bangalore.