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Eternal beauty of Khonoma

Khonoma village in Nagaland, is estimated to be 500 years old. The land was infested by an aromatic plant locally known as Khwuno. Khonoma’s fame chiefly comes through its standing as a warrior village and gallantry in warfare. The village is inhabited by about 3,400 people with about 580 households. By nature they are hospitable and loving which thereby make them friendly and sociable towards any visitor.


Khonoma Village is gifted with a very rich bio-diversity and natural resources. Over 400 species of local tress have been identified through local experts in this tropical rain forest. The forest is also an ideal place for trekking, enjoying nature and doing research work as it is very rich in birds, reptiles, amphibians, orchids and many rare species of flora and fauna.

Villlage Khonoma has seven traditional gates. These are also related to many taboos and beliefs while at the same time holds high esteem, respect and admiration. All gates are carved depicting various pictures like – full moon, spears, hornbill feathers etc.

Terhunyi- This festival falls in December. This festival is a celebration of thanksgiving for a rich harvest and is celebrated for 10 days. The festival is also an occasion for the youth to display their strength and skills in various sports like wrestling. Each day has its own unique events and grand celebration.


Places of interest:

  • Khonoma Dzukou- Dzukou literally means ‘cool water’. This beautiful valley of eternal charm lies at the south-west of Khonoma village. Ideal place for trekkers and nature lovers in July-August.
  • Terhuotsiese – It literallymeans the place where the stone was erected by spirit. This area serves an ideal place for picnickers. Facing the main sitting square stands a peculiar stone in the shape of an owl.
  • Thelukhriezie and Khonoma war memorial – This sloppy mountain that stretches down to touch the villages at its base was said to have magical charm. Today, a tower is erected at the top of this hill to commemorate warriors.
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