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[trx_oblique animation=”fadeInUp” bg_image=”” title_1=”” title_2=”Malabar Escapades” description=”The Malabar coast famous for its cuisine and pristine coastline beach has much to offer. Muziris & Beypore were the ancient port centers. Enjoy some time in this area by the Arabian sea.” info=”0″ link=””]

[trx_oblique animation=”fadeInUp” bg_image=”” title_1=”” title_2=”Kerala Wildlife and Culture” description=”Kerala’s richness lies in her cultural offers. Also take time to explore the other side of Kerala, the pristine nature and abundant wildlife.” info=”0″ link=”” position=”right”]

[trx_oblique animation=”fadeInUp” bg_image=”” title_1=”” title_2=”Essential South Kerala” description=”South Kerala is famous for its beaches, wildlife, backwaters and hills. Rolling hills at Munnar with tea plantations and mist brings one so close to nature.” info=”0″ link=””]