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Alchi Kitchen

Alchi Kitchen is a warm and welcoming open Kitchen Style family restaurant located at the start of the road leading to the Alchi Monastery gate, We were welcomed by the owner, Chef Nilza. The restaurant has wooden interiors with well-ventilated walls and roof. The traditional kitchen called Chansa, set up in Alchi Kitchen is unforgettable.

Alchi Kitchen Chansa - Ladakh

Seeing our interest in the heritage of Ladakh, Nilza who is a resident of Alchi volunteered to take us around the monastery and shared very interesting insights into Ladakhi Lifestyle, the influence of Buddhism and the folktales told to her in her childhood.

Alchi Heritage Walk - Ladakh

She brings out her passion for her native land in her delectable food. She loves to experiment with local spices and flavors and adds her own interesting flavors to the otherwise bland Ladakhi cuisine.

We were served some steamed rice, dal and bitter gourd. The dal preparation was quite special as she introduced some celery and cardamom in dal bringing out a very interesting flavor. Some of the interesting dishes one must at Alchi Kitchen are the Chutagi, Stuffed Khambir, Ladakhi Skew and Ladakhi Omelette. Nilza has participated in number of food festivals and events across India. We truly had a memorable time in this beautiful village of Ladakh.

With at Alchi Kitchen