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Bangalore Sketch Crawl

Sketch crawl in Bangalore

Ever noticed all the things we don’t notice in our routine life? Drive through the same roads everyday and still not notice the stories our city wants to tell us. Sketch Crawl organized by Make it Happen and guided by Nicholas,an architect,enabled us to look at our city, Bangalore,in a way we had never before.

A walk through the noisy and buzzing M.G.road and sketching some of the buildings of Bangalore with historical importance.Sketch crawl is an eye opener as we notice the architectural designs and minute details of the buildings which we’ve seen almost all our life.


Founded by Abel Joshua Higginbotham in 1905,it is one of the oldest bookstores of Bangalore. Above is a sketch of Higginbothams by one of the participant. Each person has their own perspective about the same element and these elements can be made memorable by sketching. Photography helps us capture moments but sketching gets us connected to the places.

Tract and Book Society

The British Book Society building is popularly known today as the Hard Rock Cafe. This building is a prominent structure signifying the architectural designs of the British. In the picture above we can notice the details sketched by our participant. We get to see a whole new image of our same old Hard Rock Cafe as we pay attention to the details and the stories this building holds.

In the sketch crawl,each person has their own perspective about the same element. To one of our participant,Hard Rock Cafe is a reminder of the YMCA song as it’s usually played there.

St.Mark’s Cathedral

Situated in the heart of Bangalore,the Cathedral church has immense details for artists. We visit a church every Sunday,but how many of us take time to notice the minute details our church holds? The Cathedral church holds details which fascinate everytime we look at it. The rich architectural design amazed all the participants and it seemed unfair that the canvas could hold only certain parts of the church. The details made in all the sketches were a proof of the whole new image our participants could see of their same old Church.

Amongst all the hustle in the world today,there are a very few people who still want to keep their hobbies and passions alive and we got a whole bunch of them. A group of fantastic people who were willing to step out on a sleepy Saturday morning to look at the whole new same old city.

More than sketching and knowing our city,what was more important is that we made memories. Just a look at the sketch anytime in the years to come and we’d go back to the same Saturday morning. Perfection isn’t required for a sketch,all we need is for it to hold eternal​ memories.

Blog by : Umaima Khan

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