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We take you to the Niligiris to experience its various moods, explore its little nooks and cronies, its lakes, meet its indigenous people and get a glimpse of its history buried inside its forest
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A World Heritage Site, Hampi is a place where you can lose yourself among the ruins, or simply be mesmerised by a fascinating landscape



A trip to Banavasi wich is the oldest town in the Karnataka state Banavasi. Existing since 4000 BC, the period of Mahabharata, Banavasi was known as ‘Vanavasaka’.
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Our trip takes you a hike around coonoor visiting the Toda villages, interacting with them, and camping inside the village.


Coorg Homestay

Coorg –Scotland of India lies about 250kms west from Bangalore .Is a perfect gateway for nature lovers. Salubrious climate , great food and Coffee attract tourists.
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Oyster Opera is a theme village in Kasargod, Kerala. At this sanctuary of natural beauty comprised of mangrove, palm fringed islands and coastal stretches caressed by back waters, Oyster Opera promises unique care and comfort on the country side.