We take you to meet indigenous people of the land to partake in their customs and traditions. Meeting people who have a very distinct culture helps you realize your own biases and dissipate cultural differences.

Banvasi Rural Experience

A trip to Banavasi wich is the oldest town in the Karnataka state Banavasi. Existing since 4000 B...

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Coonoor – A walk down Toda Lane

Our trip takes you on a hike around Coonoor visiting Toda villages. Get immersed in their culture...

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Expressions of Bihar

Come with us on a journey to experience the ancient art of Madhubani, heritage weaves of Bhagalpu...

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Ladakh Local Lifestyle

Experience the Local Life in the remote village Urbis, which is hardly explored by tourists as it...

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Ladakh Mahayana Buddhism

Understand the world of Mahayana Buddhism practiced in the steely cold desserts of Ladakh


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Nagaland Hornbill Festival.

The Hornbill Festival in Nagaland offers you the perfect chance to explore the beauty of North-Ea...

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Trek with the Irulas

Our trip takes you on a trek with the Irulas, traditionally rat and snake hunters but now have sh...

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