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A heritage walk through Fontainhas, the old Latin Quarter in Panjim that to this day maintains its Portuguese architectural influence and is the only living Latin Quarter in all of Asia.

Fontainhas Walking Tour

Old Goa Heritage Walk

A heritage Walk through the remains of Goa’s former capital city. It provides the historical link from pre – Portuguese times to the present day. Old Goa is a World Heritage Site which houses some of the most beautiful churches in India.
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Catch the ferry across to this quaint island located opposite Old Goa and get a perspective of its rich historical, social and cultural heritage from ancient temples to holy sites and hidden caves

Divar Island Tour

Saligao Village Walk

A walk through Saligao, one of the more prosperous villages of Goa, owing to the business acumen of its early settlers. The architectural aesthetics of Saligao today reflect the creative style of some of the renowned artists of Goa who have chosen to live a splendid village lifestyle.
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Take a boat cruise to explore the backwaters of St. Estevam that boast of rich assortment of diverse flora and fauna. Dock at the isle, a quaint scenic estuarine village to experience an offbeat Goan lifestyle.

St. Estevam Boat Cruise

Chandor Walking Tour

This tour highlights the kaleidoscope of history to be found in the hinterland of South Goa. Immerse yourself in pre-Portuguese history dating back over 1000 years, when Chandor then known as Chandrapur was a buzzing trade center.
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